Greetings. I graduated with an M.A. in Writing on May 22, 2015. Since I submitted my final portfolio, I haven’t written a word. Sure, a few pithy journal entries here and there but I haven’t done any of the writing that made me love writing, that sent my stomach into swirls, nor the kind of writing that I enjoy sharing with other people. This stops now. I’ve found that the best way to make one (me) accountable is to share a plan with other people. When I want to train for a race, I have to tell other people I’ve signed up. I need to publicize my goals.

So here it is in “ink.” I want to write at least once per week. Topics will range from the plight but urgency of urban education to why I cannot stop biting my nails. I can’t promise consistent quality but I will certainly try. I am calling it “Write, Amandy” because like most sane people, I am talking to myself. I have to credit the Buettner family who first started calling me Amandy. It’s a pet name and maybe a new pen name.

Write, Amandy!

If you like, share your ideas and feedback with me. I want this to be more of a journey than a destination. I’d love your help.

Welcome. And, thank you.

6 thoughts on “Launching

  1. I think this is a great idea! And stop biting your nails, it undermines the smart, independent woman we all know and love! I look forward to reading your blog.


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