Fall is so basic.


Autumn in Baltimore.

When I was a kid, fall was the end of August, it was Sunday night at 9. Fall was time’s up, fun’s over, school’s back, tan’s fading, summer reading is due. Everything is the worst. The only saving grace were any Lisa Frank school supplies I could convince Mom to buy for me from Caldor’s.


Lisa Frank Aliens

What was it that made these images so desirable? I’m not sure but a two pocket folder (not even with brackets) with these kind of colors was worth its weight in gold.

Lisa Frank Dog and CatLisa Frank dolphins

These days, fall has gone through a major resurgence of popularity. Is it adulthood that makes us stop hating fall and start embracing it? I am currently on a flight to my third wedding in four weeks. Fall is queen/king. According to this article from MSN, September and October have taken June’s title as most popular wedding months with a tie of 16% of American weddings occurring in September and 16% in October. Former chart-topper, June, had a lowly 13%.

The 2002 Old Farmer’s Almanac held that “June is the most popular month to marry, followed by August, July, May, and September.” Traditions that date back to Roman times credit this to the goddess Juno, a protector of women, especially in marriage and childbearing. As a June bride myself, it’s nice to know I’ve got Juno on my side.


She kind of looks like Aubrey. Am I right?

However, autumn has taken Juno’s crown and maybe her peacock, with 40% of weddings scheduled for the fall. Maybe it was the 2003 invention of the Pumpkin Spice Latte–more on that later.

I think fall has become “cool” (pun very much intended) because of a few factors: most big-girl jobs are year-round, comfier clothes, boots, scarves, and of course, pumpkin spice.

Now that we don’t have a giant break of time in our year like we did when we were kids, we can love fall. We couldn’t love fall when it meant school was about to start. Now that “school nights” are year-round, we can embrace it. This pent up energy of loving the leaves, the chill air, and the smell of a fire was stored in school-aged people for years. Now that we can let it out, everyone loves fall. It’s like we’re backlogged with appreciation. And we’re letting it all out now.

Hoodies are another reason we love fall. Hoodies, sweats, and snuggly clothes are just comfier and more forgiving than summertime daisy dukes and crop tops. Am I wearing daisy dukes and crop tops? No. But I do love a good sweatshirt. We are happier because we’re in more relaxed duds.

With the boot-takeover of the past 10 years, fall has found a new favorite item. Honestly, I think it’s a bit much. Boots are great for many fall activities like jumping in puddles, riding horses, and kicking mud. Just kidding. They’re completely impractical. But boots are cute–within limits. Remember college students: if you are no longer in Catholic school, you don’t have to wear a uniform anymore. You can choose your own clothes. College campuses give me the heebie-jeebies for this reason. It’s like everyone might suddenly turn into a robot and start attacking.

Han Solo Season


I’m not saying I’m anti-boot. I’m not. But let’s welcome the variety that’s out there. Fall should not turn us in to annual sheeple.

Scarves, I think, are another reason fall has become so hip. Scarves look great on everyone. They improve outfits. They warm necks. They’re a wardrobe MVP. Who doesn’t love a good scarf? Even Bachelorette contestants are pro-scarf. And they’re manly men (who must have something deeply wrong with them since they are on the show, except for Peter, who is perfect).

men in scarves

On this particular episode of “Men Tell All” they all wore scarves to make fun of how often they all wore scarves throughout the season.

Peter is Perfect

See? Peter is perfect.

Lastly, pumpkin fucking spice. I’m sorry. I have to say it that way. This shit is absolutely out of control. I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, I even enjoy a grande PSL here and there. But let’s everybody just calm down about the pumpkin spice. The PSL at Starbucks is celebrating its 14th anniversary this season. Its return has become the harbinger of autumn. But the rest of the food industry won’t miss out on its cut. The displays of pumpkin spice flavored items at Giant are downright ridiculous.


Yes, bottom shelf: pumpkin spice seltzer water. #notokay



It doesn’t stop with food, though. I visited a school last week for my job, a Catholic school in Baltimore City. The day before I was there they had a full evacuation. Why? You ask. Because of a pumpkin spice air freshener. There was a hazmat team. The roads surrounding the school were blocked. And kids had to sit stoop-side for hours. Are we at the tipping point where pumpkin spice turns evil? 

The other side of this argument is essentially the catchphrase for Apple Jacks. “We eat what we like!” I found an article that literally argues the opposite of mine. Mind you, I concocted this idea myself and only found this afterward. This article also includes the following photo as a “mean” example of her point.

That’s fine. “Eat what you like” and that is kind of mean BUT there is a whole world of variety out there. I love all seasons at the start. By the third month, I’m totally done. So right now, fall is fine by me. I’ll play the game, eat the pumpkin roll, take out the boots, snuggle into my hoodies. But I kind of miss my end-of-the-world view of fall. It was fun to have a season as an enemy. And I definitely miss Lisa Frank.


11 thoughts on “Fall is so basic.

  1. Such a nice light hearted read with some chuckles sprinkled in for good measure. Loved this. And I am with Uncle Bill on the football thing. The fall schedule in our house revolves around football. We can’t do anything without checking out who is playing where and when. Ugh! But fall is definitely my favorite time of year so let’s get on with it! What’s with all these hot humid days?!?!


  2. Haha. Becky sent that pic of Giant to me last week and my reaction was, “Standard pumpkin display, no?” Apparently I’m immune to pump-aganda! Great observations, Amandy. Enjoying your weekly installments!


  3. It doesn’t look like my comment posted so obvs I’m getting back in here. Becky sent me that picture of Giant last week and my response was: “standard pumpkin display, no?” So clearly I am immune to pump-aganda. Nice to be reminded that it’s actually insane. Haha. Love your posts!


  4. Trader Joe’s has Giant beat for pumpkin flavored products by a factor of10! Pumpkin flavored breathe mints? Yep, and don’t forget their pumpkin body cream, I bought you one today 😉.

    We are in Austin for a wedding and it is 90 degrees, so much for a cool fall. Love your pictures of fall clothing choices, very true!

    Don’t hate me but Peter has squinty eyes and a big nose and looks nothing like George Clooney, who is perfect.


  5. I always learn something new from your blogs, Amanda….Lisa Frank school supplies?! And BTW, I do love my LLBean boots that either have made a comeback since my college days or they just never go out of style.


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