Give Me the Deets with Amanda Doran Eby (Me)

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My friend Erin Drew (a comedian, writer, beacon of light, all around lunatic) has her own podcast. AND I GOT TO BE ON IT! Please listen to educate yourself about the school system…something that literally affects ALL layers of society.

Amanda is the Director of Scholar Development at Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School. She coordinates career days, college visits, mentor programs, and meets with every one of her 8th graders’ families to help plan for their daughter’s high school future and beyond. In this episode, we talk about first-time teaching experiences, urban education, race, secondary trauma, teacher retention, and the complicated lottery system for Baltimore City high school placements. Read more at

One thought on “Give Me the Deets with Amanda Doran Eby (Me)

  1. I just listened to the entire give me the deets podcast. Very interesting. Helps me to prepare for what will be my 43rd school year at the William S. Baer School, the Level 5 separate public day school for severe cognitive and physical impairments, across from Coppin State, next to Douglass High School. You challenge me to attempt to find a way to arrange to get into other schools (beyond after school crochet class), like during the day, to make more of an impact in general education.

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