Teaching in the Time of Covid-19

These are two pieces that are elsewhere but I am linking here.

Please see my latest writing piece on a random British blog: https://www.lwbooks.co.uk/blog/what-our-children-are-missing. My first paid writing gig…and it was in pounds!

Also, last night I shared a Stoop Story (pre-recorded) in the midst of a storytelling/improv show. You can see my story around minute 21: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2919414381439413  


One thought on “Teaching in the Time of Covid-19

  1. Covid 19 has not dented your writing skills at all. And you so clearly spelled out the challenges in this new era! Once again, moved to tears when you talked about individual students.
    FYI – you probably did it to simplify the location but Baltimore is not on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. It’s actually on the Paptapsco River – but a good miss.
    And did you know the 20 year life span health disparity between where your Mom and I live and people living 20 years less is about 1 mile in each of 3 different directions! LOL, D


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